AirBANK Pressure System

MineARC's AirBANK Pressure System offers a simple modular solution; ensuring occupants remain safe inside of a designated shelter-in-place for a specified duration. A critical requirement for any shelter-in-place location is maintaining internal positive pressure in order to prevent the ingress of toxic gases resulting from an accidental release.

AirBANK Pressure System

AirBANK Pressure System Product Overview

Modular breathable air for Shelter-in-Place

AirBANK Pressure System provides rapid pressurization, which is activated and maintained using the AirBANK CONTROL via HMI touchscreen. MineARC's integrated Aura-FX Gas Monitor ensures breathable air remains within acceptable limits. Alternatively, rooms can be fitted with supplementary oxygen and carbon dioxide scrubbing system.

The AirBANK Pressure System is designed to store 11 4,500psi or 6,000psi cylinders, and allows any number of cylinder racks to be daisy-chained as required. Each rack is leak protected by a check valve and electric solenoid, and features a panel mounted gauge to display the high and low pressure level of the unit.

  • Leak protected by check valve and electric solenoid
  • Panel mounted gauge to display high and low pressure levels
  • Stainless steel components throughout
  • Designed to store 11 4,500psi or 6,000psi cylinders
  • 1822.45mm / 71-3/4” x 1016mm / 40” x 812.8mm / 32”
  • 907kg / 4,000lbs
AirBANK CONTROL for AirBANK Pressure System

The remote activated AirBANK CONTROL is designed to maintain a life-sustaining environment via a differential pressure device. Contained in a wall-mounted NEMA-Rated enclosure, the unit features an HMI screen that monitors cylinder pressure levels; alarming when levels fall below the acceptable limit.

AirBANK CONTROL features an active by-pass of the system if internal gas levels are not within breathable air limits. The Aura-FX monitors and displays gas levels in real-time, including site-specific toxic gases if necessary.

>Regulated and silenced compressed air output.
>UPS battery backup for power loss.
>120 or 240V input.
>15.75” [400mm] x 16.69” [500mm] x 7.87” [200mm]
>25lbs [11.3kg]

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