SiriUS-LUX LED Cap Lamps

The new SiriUS-LUX LED Cap Lamp redefines wearable lighting designed for underground environments.

Specially engineered to improve efficiency and visibility to ensure safe operations, the cap lamp is an essential element in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). MineARC’s cap lamp provides a quality and reliable lighting solution; combining dual beams, superior colour rendering and a robust design. The cap lamp has the ability to automatically adjust light intensity to suit a variety of situations, emulating natural light and conserving power.

[SiriUS-LUX] is a great light and works well under all conditions. The broader beam is great for fitters and electricians that work up close to equipment [and] the turbo mode lit the world on fire! Easy to like and endorse, I will keep recommending it to miners all over the world.

Sean Blanchette – Surveyor
  • New, powerful spot beam for clear focus
  • Wide beam for dispersed, far reaching light
  • >90 CRI (dependent on mode)
  • Boost mode for short-term, high intensity light
  • Automatic light adjustment based on object distance
  • Low power mode at 80% depletion for battery conservation
  • Lightweight curly cord to reduce risk of pull
  • Modular, quick-connect battery
  • Universal cap lamp attachment
  • Optional tracking technology
  • Water resistance: IP68
  • Working temperature: 1m (1.5 when stretched)
  • Battery duration: Up to 18 hours
  • Rated capacity: 10.4Ah
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V
  • Rated current: 2A
  • Low wide mode: 33 lux
  • High wide mode: 61 lux
  • Mixed mode: 3,765 lux
  • Spot mode: 8,353 lux
  • Boost mode: 15,734 lux

The SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamp features two unique beams; working in tandem to deliver a better field of vision for personnel, and a crisper, more natural light.

• A high-lux, intense spot beam provides focus
• A wide beam provides a more dispersed, further-reaching flood light

In addition, SiriUS-LUX boasts an impressive improvement to the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) rating - on a scale of 1-100, the ability of a light source to accurately render frequencies of the colour spectrum, compared to daylight. Existing cap lamps in the market have an approximate CRI of 70 colour accuracy; however, SiriUS-LUX features a CRI of greater than 90 (dependent on mode).

This improved CRI rating allows for a more comfortable user experience, and is particularly beneficial to those relied upon to detect subtle changes in colour, such as those in the geology or electrical field of work.

SiriUS-LUX aims to emulate natural daylight as closely as possible.

An automatic light adjustment feature reduces any safety concerns associated with the startling glare of high beam in the eyes when looking directly at a coworker.

Further to this, tilting the lamp toward the ground will reduce the light intensity to the wide beam; providing the ideal conditions for looking at objects (such as a tool bag) in close proximity. As the lamp moves back to horizontal and above, it will return to the wearer's preferred setting.

SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamps provide on-going cost saving benefits to sites, thanks to a unique charging solution. Existing cap lamp designs are tied – almost quite literally - to the charging racks, with the lamp unable to be used until the battery is adequately charged. This reduces the usability of the lamp, resulting in large quantities of spare cap lamps being required on hand at all times.

A modular quick-connect battery responds to this inflexibility; allowing maximum versatility for users in a robust design that is both water and dust proof.

  • Clip-in battery system allows for independent charging of batteries, negating the need for the lamp module to be present during the charging process; resulting in a significantly more
  • Additional spare batteries can be kept on hand, equipping personnel with the resources to maintain productivity and ensure safety on the job.

A ‘low power’ mode is a major functional feature of the SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamps. When the lamp battery reaches 80% depletion, the lamp will flash; indicating it has entered ‘low power’ mode. The lamp will then dim; using less power and extending the lamp’s life span by an expected two hours – more than enough time for personnel to swap over to a fully charged battery.

The SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamp features a purpose-designed lightweight curly cord, providing additional cable length whilst still hugging the body.

This unique feature ensures miners can move freely without interruption, preventing instances of the lamp cord getting caught; leading to sudden, unexpected removal of the lamp from a miners head.

Careful consideration has been given to developing a cord that is lightweight, yet durable; allowing a full range of movement for the wearer. To ensure the final result performs to MineARC's high standards, the cord has been rigorously tested in the field by our own Service Technicians.

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