EnviroLAV Toilet Consumables

MineARC’s biodegradable EnviroLAV Toilet Consumables include the non-toxic EnviroZYME solution that works to break down the matter with every flush, involving no handling of hazardous chemicals at any stage. The efficiency of the EnviroZYME solution ensures the system emits minimum effluent odour and the waste treatment process causes minimal environmental impact.

Our range of accompanying hand wash, degreasing spray and starch-based toilet tissue are also completely eco-safe and biodegradable.

EnviroLAV Toilet Consumables

MineARC’s unique EnviroZYME contains bacteria and powerful enzymes that are highly effective at accelerating waste breakdown.

The solution has been specially formulated to also act as a powerful odour suppressant. EnviroZYME is non-toxic and safe for the environment.

Available in 5L quantities.

MineARC’s EnviroWASH hand cleaner has been developed specifically for use in conjunction with MineARC EnviroZYME.

Totally eco-safe and biodegradable, the solution’s natural enzymes contain no harsh chemicals that may cause damage to the system’s waste breakdown process.

Available in 500ml or 5L quantities.

MineARC’s EnviroCLEAN degreasing spray is suitable for all EnviroLAV hard surfaces.

The powerful organic liquid cleaner eliminates odours and kills germs, leaving a refreshing orange fragrance.

Available in 750ml quantities.

MineARC’s unique EnviroSOFT biodegradable toilet tissue has been specifically developed for use with MineARC EnviroZYME solution.

Starch based for quick, natural breakdown, EnviroSOFT’s organic composition compliments the EnviroLAV’s waste breakdown process.

Available in 8x 300m quantities.

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