Blast Upgrades for Refuge Chambers

Blast Rating Upgrade

Blast upgrades for refuge chambers are an optional feature for all MineARC Refuge Chambers and Safe Havens.

MineARC utilises highly specialised materials and engineering techniques to build chambers that can withstand the concussive forces of extreme blasts and explosions within heavy industry. Through careful analysis of a site’s application and hazard assessment, MineARC can engineer a highly customised refuge chamber or safe haven to meet their specific blast rating requirements.

Blast Upgrades for Refuge Chambers

Most MineARC Chambers offer a static 5psi overpressure as standard; however, can be upgraded to a rating as high as 15psi, or based on client requirements. A blast rating upgrade includes the following:

^ Additional 100mm x 50mm upright stiffeners
^ Additional lateral stiffeners
^ Fully enclosed rear housing for componentry protection
^ Changes to material
^ Changes to the external chamber profile

Blast Engineered Refuge Chambers

MineARC has the engineering capabilities to perform in-house blast analysis calculations on all refuge chambers and safe havens. In addition, third party testing can be performed by professional blast engineers at an additional cost.

As part of an in-depth analyses, third party blast engineers will develop building damage level (BDL) curves in order to test the performance of a MineARC chamber, taking into consideration the orientation of the unit with respect the explosion source.

In addition, blast engineers can also calculate the occupant vulnerability (OV); the percentage of personnel within the chamber that could sustain fatal injuries at different levels of building damage.

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Blast Shield Protection

MineARC can provide structural additions to a refuge chamber or safe haven in order to provide blast shield protection for susceptible components.

This added protection prevents damage to areas of the chamber that either provide life support (such as air conditioning and mine air filtration) or components that, if damaged, will compromise the breathing integrity of the chamber (such as the portal window).

A blast shield protection upgrade includes the following:

^ Polycarbonate window protector
^ External protection for AC and mine air
^ Protection for lights and sensors

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