Satellite UPS System

MineARC's Satellite UPS System (SUPS) is a unique, portable battery bank; removing the need for battery and inverter storage at the rear of the refuge chamber. Major features of SUPS includes safer battery replacement, charge balancing, temperature cooling, and improved battery monitoring and diagnostics through MineARC's GuardIAN.


MineARC's Satellite UPS System has been engineered specifically for use in conjunction with refuge chambers; designed to provide a solution to manual handling injuries and to ensure batteries perform at full capacity for their expected life span.

MineARC have nominated a battery life guarantee of three years to instil confidence in the design approach to battery management. By ensuring atmospheric conditions are optimal, monitoring battery activity and adding electronics to the charging system, the Satellite UPS System limits all primary aspects of battery degradation and allows MineARC’s high quality batteries to operate as intended. It would be expected that MineARC batteries will far exceed the three- year guarantee period, with some calculations indicating periods of as long as seven years.


Soft tissue injury caused by the manual handling of batteries during replacement is all too common in underground mines. Injuries are generally caused by factors including the design and position of battery
boxes, the weight of the batteries themselves, and the frequency in which batteries require replacement.

The portable design of MineARC's Satellite UPS System means that it can be easily brought to the surface for maintenance or battery change out.

Reinforced sliding draws allows for safer lifting techniques during installation and removal of batteries; reducing risk of injury during battery replacement.

A common issue for many mine sites with refuge chambers is overcompensation of batteries within a thread. Delays or poor replacement practices often result in the need to replace a whole string of batteries; a costly and avoidable exercise.

MineARC’s Satellite UPS System features battery balancing technology that absorbs the charge from higher voltage batteries and transfers that charge to lower voltage batteries, thereby ensuring that all batteries within a string are charged equally. Balancing is achieved through the use of Linear Technology, LTC3305, and a Super Capacitor that is sequentially connected across the batteries in the stack.

Heat can have a significant effect on the performance and life-span of a battery, however high temperatures cannot always be avoided underground.

MineARC’s Satellite UPS System is a fully enclosed box that features an integrated air conditioner to provide complete temperature control.

The air conditioner will automatically maintain a constant temperature of 25°C within the battery box, protecting the batteries from over heating and ensuring they perform at full capacity for their expected life-span.

When used in conjunction with GuardIAN, the MineARC Satellite UPS System allows for real-time, remote monitoring of each individual battery.

Battery faults can be identified immediately via the GuardIAN Dashboard and Alert Feed, with auto-generated event notifications sent directly to any personal device. Voltage and temperature diagnostics for each individual battery within a string can also be viewed via a graph, highlighting any fluctuations over the past 24 hours.

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