Climate Control Shelter for Underground Mining

Climate Control Shelter helps underground mining personnel avoid and escape extreme temperature heat stress on workers is a common cause of delays and costly stoppages to work in underground mining. To date, methods for combating the possibility of heat stroke or hypothermia in underground mine sites include; ensuring that workers are appropriately clothed, are acclimatized to extreme temperature environments and are adequately hydrated and rested. This generally involves miners leaving the work area at regular intervals and travelling extended distances to an underground break room or to the surface.

The Climate Control Shelter is a more time and cost efficient solution. It is a fully portable unit that can be placed in close proximity to the underground work area and relocated as required. The shelter minimises time lost during legally mandated break times, which can contribute to several hours of wasted productivity per person, on every shift.


MineARC's Climate Control Shelter is a thermally insulated structure, limiting the transfer of heat between the internal chamber and external environment. The chamber utilises one-inch thick glass wool rigid board clad within the exterior steel structure, allowing the internal temperature to equalise quickly.


Model Occupancy Configuration Height (m) Width (m) Length (m) Weight (kg)
MS-UD1-03-CC 3-Person Sink 2.24 1.86 1.83 2041
MS-UD1-04-CC 4-Person No Sink 2.24 1.86 1.83 2041
MS-UD2-05-CC 5-Person Sink 2.24 1.86 2.44 2381
MS-UD2-06-CC 6-Person No Sink 2.24 1.86 2.44 2381
MS-UD3-07-CC 7-Person Sink 2.24 1.86 3.05 2722
MS-UD3-08-CC 8-Person No Sink 2.24 1.86 3.05 2722
  • 3mm (3/16″) Steel Plate Construction
  • 25mm (1″) Glass Wool Rigid Board Insulation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ergonomic Bucket Seats
  • Air Conditioning
  • Viewing Porthole
  • Forklift Slots & Lifting Rings
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Internal Compression Seal for Energy Conservation
  • Outward Opening Door with Robust Rotating Handle
  • Custom Dimensions and Transport Configurations
  • Transformer
  • Voltage Connectors
  • Hyper Heat Air Conditioner (-26° to 46°C)
  • Language of Choice

Shelter Exterior

Shelter Interior

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