MediSAFE First Aid Station for Underground Mining

The MineARC MediSAFE First Aid Station is the only portable first aid station specifically engineered for use in an underground mining environment. The station is designed to allow for emergency medical treatment and evaluation.

With all the standard MineARC features, the MediSAFE carries MineARC’s reputation for seamless design, innovative engineering and fail-safe functionality into site medical services.


The MediSAFE First Aid Station features a solid steel construction with insulated walls and air-conditioning for comfort. The station comes with a comprehensive fit-out tailored for first aid applications, providing a hygienic and safe environment for patient evaluation & treatment on-site.

The MediSAFE comes standard with an external emergency shower and eye wash station.Located at the rear of the chamber the external shower and eye wash station can be used to remove excess dirt or as preliminary first aid; ensuring conditions within the chamber are kept sanitary and suitable for the administration of first aid.


Model Occupancy Height (m) Width (m) Length (m) Weight (kg)
MS-UD4-MED-06 6-Person 2.30 1.90 9.60 8500
  • Screened Examination & Treatment Area with Medical Grade Gurney
  • IP65 Communications Points
  • Refrigerator
  • Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal
  • External Shower
  • Defibrillator & Resuscitation Equipment
  • Air Conditioning
  • Solid Steel Chamber with Insulated Walls
  • Double Door Entry and Separate Waiting Area
  • Toilet, Heated Water, Sink, Eye Wash Station, Work Bench & Storage
  • Comprehensive First Aid Fit-Out and Supplies Including AED
  • Fully Pressurised Airlock
  • Battery Backup / UPS
  • Medical Equipment Upgrade
  • LCD Display / TV Monitor
  • Security Camera and Monitoring System

Station Exterior

Station Interior

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