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Purpose-Built Utility Chambers for Underground Mining

Climate Control Shelter

The Climate Control Shelter is a fully portable unit that can be placed in close proximity to the underground work area and used during scheduled break periods as a temperature controlled rest area. This minimises time lost during legally mandated break times, which can contribute to several hours of wasted productivity per person, on every shift.

  • Portable unit for rest breaks
  • Insulated, air-conditioned environment
  • Optional sink

Remote Operating Control Room

The RocROOM (Remote Operating Control Room) is an underground safe area used as a collaborative environment for managing and monitoring the day to day operation of equipment and production activities. It is the hub for the collection of data and information necessary to sustain operations and help staff make the right critical operational decisions.

  • Control room for underground environments
  • Insulated, air-conditioned environment
  • Electrical cabinet for client's control system

MediSAFE First Aid Station

The MediSAFE First Aid Station is the only portable first aid station specifically engineered for use in an underground mining environment. The station comes with a comprehensive fit-out tailored for first aid applications, providing a hygienic and safe environment for patient evaluation & treatment on-site.

  • First aid station for underground environments
  • Insulated, air-conditioned environment
  • Comprehensive first aid fit-out