ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven

MineARC's ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven for petrochemical facilities offers a safe and secure ‘go-to’ area for multiple personnel in the event of a toxic chemical release, fire, explosion or other hazardous emergency response scenario.

The ChemSAFE Utility Design (UD) Safe Haven features a narrow construction for space restricted chemical applications. Constructed from robust 4.75mm (3/16") steel plate, the safe haven's portable design features lifting lugs and forklift slots, allowing easy manoeuvrability around petrochemical facilities.

ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven

ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven Overview

The steel structure of the ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven is fully sealed, offering 0% air change per hour (ACH) for long term occupancy in a toxic gas release. Standard configurations are available based on occupancy – from 6 to 30 people- however dimensions and rated occupancy can be custom-engineered to ensure the safe haven is suitable for your facility.


Model Occupancy Height (m/inch) Width (m/inch) Length (m/inch) Weight (kg/lb)
PS-UD1-08-ELV 8-Person 2.24 / 88" 1.86 / 73.25" 3.73 / 147" 2720 / 6000
PS-UD2-12-ELV 12-Person 2.24 / 88" 1.86 / 73.25" 4.34 / 171" 3040 / 6700
PS-UD3-16-ELV 16-Person 2.24 / 88" 1.86 / 73.25" 5.55 / 219" 3580 / 7900
PS-UD4-20-ELV 20-Person 2.24 / 88" 1.86 / 73.25" 6.77 / 266" 4170 / 9200
PS-UD5-26-ELV 26-Person 2.24 / 88" 1.86 / 73.25" 7.98 / 314" 4710 / 10400
PS-UD6-30-ELV 30-Person 2.24 / 88" 1.86 / 73.25" 9.19 / 362" 5300 / 11700
  • ELV Scrubbing System with pre-packaged CO2 chemicals
  • Breathable air (O2) supply
  • Positive Pressure Flushing System (PPFS)
  • Aura-FX Gas Monitoring
  • Air conditioning and dehumidifying
  • Internal lighting / external warning lights and siren
  • Communications connection
  • Internal or external vestibule
  • Special Dimensions and Configurations
  • First aid kit (standard on US models)
  • Step-down transformer
  • Remote video camera monitoring
  • Battery backup UPS
  • Automated Oxygen Delivery System
  • Fixed Gas Monitoring
  • Thermal insulation/extreme temperature package
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout

Safe Haven Exterior – Front

The ‘face’ of the safe haven is designed primarily for easy identification and quick access during an emergency.

The strobe lighting, warning siren and reflective signage alert passers-by to the safe haven’s location, whilst the rotating door handles provide simple, straight forward access to the safety of the interior.

An additional feature of the ChemSAFE Utility Design range is a fully pressurised vestibule, providing added protection against the ingress of smoke and other harmful toxins. Vestibules are available as either an internal or external feature of the safe haven. See further on for additional information.

Safe Haven Interior

Inside a ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven, a number of vital life-support systems combine to create a safe, ongoing environment for occupants. Systems include; air (oxygen) supplies, air conditioning and dehumidifying, positive pressure systems, electrical and communications, gas detection and carbon dioxide removal.

MineARC's ELV (extra-low-voltage) System comes as standard with the ChemSAFE Utility Design. The ELV Control System can be installed in conjunction with an optional UPS battery backup that can power the system for a minium of 12hrs, should mains power be cut off.

Safe Haven Exterior – Rear

The rear of the ChemSAFE Utility Design houses important electrical and backup power supply systems. An optional feature is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery backup system, contained within a secure rear cabinet. The UPS is a failsafe system that can power the safe haven's internal life support systems for a minimum of 12hrs, should mains power become cut-off.

Comparison Table

Aura-FX Gas monitoring Vestibule Shelter-in-Place 12hrs Battery Backup
ChemSAFE Standard Design Safe Haven - Logo 8-30 5 psi
ChemSAFE Safe Haven Utility Design - Logo 8-30 5 psi
ChemSAFE Blast Resistant Building - Logo CUST 1-10 psi
ChemSAFE Sealed Rooms - Logo CUST 5 psi

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