About Us


MineARC Systems is the global leader in refuge chambers and safety technology

MineARC Systems

MineARC Systems is the global leader in the manufacture and supply of controlled environments; including emergency refuge chambers and safe havens for underground mining, tunnelling and chemical processing facilities, transportable shelters for disaster relief and crisis management applications, and specialised grow chambers for biotechnology and research requirements.

MineARC Refuge Chambers have been successfully used around the world in multiple real-life mine and tunnelling emergencies to save lives.


Our Vision

“MineARC will continue to set the benchmark for emergency safe-refuge systems worldwide; working closely with industry and regulatory partners, and continuing to pioneer new refuge technologies for the constantly evolving industrial landscape.

Through research and development, education, training, and the quality of our products MineARC Systems will strive to improve health and safety standards within the mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief, extreme weather and emergency services industries, worldwide

MineARC will never compromise the standard and safety of our products and services due to price, or for the result of a sale.

To ensure we realise our mission, MineARC operates and maintains a quality management system that is certified compliant with ISO9001:2008.”

Our Values

“We never compromise on safety

“We are the premium refuge chamber manufacturer”

“We are the global refuge chamber manufacturer.”

“We will continue to be a pioneer of new safe-refuge technology”

“We share an overriding common goal with our industry and regulatory partners: The safety of personnel”


Our People

MineARC Systems is its people. We are proudly supported by a diverse group of individuals who continuously strive to reach new goals. Together, through their dedication and passion for safety and innovation, we continue to build MineARC into the company we are today and towards the future.

Our History

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MineARC Systems never compromise on safety. We work alongside local businesses, governments and communities to improve health and safety standards worldwide.


Global expertise shared across a network of manufacturing sites, offices and distributors throughout Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Our staff are core to our company. This is reflected in the way we conduct business and our internal culture; through building engagement, a sense of pride and confidence.