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Refuge Chambers for Hard Rock Mining - MineSAFE

Refuge Chambers (also known as Refuge Stations) form an integral part of an underground hard rock mine’s wider Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Fires, explosions, rock-falls, flooding and the release of smoke and other forms of toxic gas are the types of incidents that occur all too frequently, despite the high levels of planning and the safety precautions in place. In these types of emergencies, when evacuation is no-longer safe or practical, emergency MineSAFE Refuge Chambers are designed to provide a safe and secure ‘go-to’ area for personnel to gather and await extraction.

MineSAFE Standard Design

The MineSAFE Standard Design is the world’s most trusted emergency refuge station in metal (hard rock) and non-metal mines; providing personnel with optimum safety features, functionality and performance.

  • Series IV Control System
  • i.V.A.N
  • 8-30 people

MineSAFE Essential Design

The MineSAFE Essential Design Refuge Chamber provides the most cost effective alternative to MineARC’s flagship Standard Design; providing all of the critical features required to sustain life during an emergency.

  • ELV ED Control System
  • All major life support systems
  • 8-30 people

MineSAFE Narrow Design

The MineSAFE Narrow Design Refuge Chamber features a slimmer shell, designed specifically to accommodate tight hard rock mining confines such as shaft mines, whilst still providing all of the critical features required to sustain life.

  • ELV Control System
  • Narrow shell design
  • 8-26 people

MineSAFE Compact Design

The MineSAFE Compact Design Refuge Chamber is designed specifically for tight mining confines, such as single-entry development headings. It's compact, ultra-portable design makes it easy to manoeuvre around underground mine sites.

  • ELVP Control System
  • Compact, portable design
  • 4-8 people

MineSAFE Modular Design

The MineSAFE Modular Design is designed to be easily manoeuverable around sharp corners and within tight mine shafts; it's modular construction means each section can fit within a cage and then be fully assembled underground.

  • Series IV Control System
  • Modular construction
  • 12-32 people

MineSAFE Permanent Shelter

A MinSAFE Permanent Refuge Shelter is capable of sheltering upwards of hundreds of personnel in an underground emergency, and can also double as break, rest and lunch areas during normal operation.

  • Full customised for site requirements
  • Cost effective for large shelters
  • 30-500+ people

MineSAFE Rescue Vehicle

The MineSAFE Rescue Vehicle combines the safety and security of a high-quality refuge chamber with the manoeuvrability of a modern mine transport vehicle;  gives emergency response teams the flexibility to safely extract injured personnel.

  • Carbon dioxide control
  • Advanced braking system
  • 4-person carrier plus stretcher

What is a Refuge Chamber?

MineSAFE Refuge Chambers (also known as Refuge Stations) are sealed, secure, accessible rooms that preserve life through the monitoring and management of essential gas levels for underground mining. CO2 and CO Scrubber technology monitors and eliminates toxic fumes for an extended period to allow the safe extraction of personnel from danger. Refuge chambers are commonly available as permanent and semi-permanent chambers, providing a safe ‘go-to’ area for personnel during an emergency.

Comparison Table

Aura-FX Gas monitoring Modular construction Air-conditioning 36hrs Battery Backup