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Safer hard rock mines save lives. MineSAFE Refuge Chambers

Hard Rock Mining Safety Solutions

MineARC Systems has been supplying refuge chamber and safety equipment solutions to the global hard rock mining industry for almost 20 years. Since our first MineSAFE Refuge Chamber sale in 1999, we have worked tirelessly to improve and expand our hard rock mining product range and technologies; with the overarching goal of achieving safer working conditions for all underground personnel.

MineARC now offers a comprehensive range of refuge chamber solutions for the hard rock mining industry; from the technologically advanced to the highly portable. MineARC is changing the landscape of safety in hard rock mining, with the development of our System Intelligence product range; including site-wide remote diagnostics, real-time gas monitoring and personnel tracking.

In addition to our refuge chamber technology, MineARC also manufactures and supplies a range of ancillary mining equipment; including the award winning EnviroLAV Underground Toilet, Stench Gas Emergency Alert Systems, and a large range of cap lamps for underground mining.

 Our Vision:

“MineARC will continue to set the benchmark for emergency safe-refuge systems worldwide; working closely with industry and regulatory partners, and continuing to pioneer new refuge technologies for the constantly evolving industrial landscape. Through research and development, education, training, and the quality of our products MineARC Systems will strive to improve health and safety standards within the mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief, extreme weather and emergency services industries, worldwide. MineARC will never compromise the standard and safety of our products and services due to price, or for the result of a sale. To ensure we realise our mission, MineARC operates and maintains a quality management system that is certified compliant with ISO9001:2008.”

Refuge Chambers for Underground Mining

MineSAFE refuge chamber located at an underground hard rock mine site
MineSAFE refuge chamber at an underground hard rock mine site.

Hard rock emergency refuge chambers form an integral part of a project’s wider Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Fires, fall of ground, flooding, explosions and the release of smoke and other forms of toxic gas are the types of incidents that can occur all too frequently underground, despite the high levels of planning and safety precautions in place. In these types of emergencies, where personnel become trapped without adequate ventilation and evacuation is no longer safe or practical, emergency refuge chambers are designed to provide a secure ‘go-to’ area for personnel to gather and await extraction.

MineARC offers a comprehensive range of MineSAFE refuge chamber solutions for the hard rock mining industry; from the industry-leading and technologically advanced MineSAFE Standard Design Refuge Chamber to the highly portable MineSAFE Compact Design. We also provide Permanent Refuge Shelter solutions for large capacity requirements.

MineARC Refuge Chambers comply with ISO:9001 and recognised industry guidelines, and have been successfully used around the world in multiple real-life mine emergencies to save lives.

Industry Impact

How We've Been Recognised

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We [have] partnered with MineARC Systems, the leading worldwide supplier of mine refuge chambers; bringing the best in mine rescue technology to Newmont’s underground operations.

Newmont Mining Corporation Newmont 'Our Voice', 3rd June 2016

Refuge Chamber Intelligence - Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

Refuge Chamber Intelligence by MineARC SystemsMineARC provides peace of mind to clients with our System Intelligence product suite; designed to provide real-time refuge chamber monitoring, communication and system diagnostics. With vital data fed directly to MineARC's unique GuardIAN online interface, sites can manage their chamber fleet's operating systems remotely; receiving immediate fault alerts and enabling communication during emergency use.

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Air Quality Management

MineARC has developed a range of unique Air Quality Management products, designed specifically for refuge chambers.

Our Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System is a proprietary fixed gas unit, with the ability to monitor up to 11 gases via a series of user-friendly screens. Aura-FX has been designed to be more efficient, more secure and more reliable in an emergency; with voice prompting to eliminate room for error. Aura-FX also connects with MineARC's GuardIAN System to provide real-time gas monitoring data to the surface.

Keep up to date with our expansion of gas monitoring equipment, including the upcoming handheld Aura-PT.

Wearable Technology for Underground Mining

MineARC LED Cap Lamp Charging Station for the underground hard rock mining industryMineARC provides a range of LED Cap Lamp solutions for personnel operating in underground mining; ensuring they are provided with a high definition field of vision in difficult working conditions.

Our three-tier range of Cap Lamps offer a choice for every requirement; from the technologically advanced SiriUS Cap Lamp (coming soon), the most advanced cap lamp in the world; to the highly popular and durable HyperION Cap Lamp; to the reliable and economical HeliOS Cap Lamp. All MineARC Cap Lamps offer long battery life, a secure battery housing to prevent water damage and crisp natural light for miners.

Underground Hard Rock Mining Waste Management Solutions

EnviroLAV waste management system has been specifically designed for hard rock underground mines.MineARC's award winning EnviroLAV Waste Management System was originally designed specifically for the hard rock mining industry; providing a solution to toilet requirements for underground mining personnel.

Designed to be simple to operate and maintain, the EnviroLAV Toilet is a robust, semi-permanent structure that can be used both above and below ground - wherever there is access to compressed air or electricity. It's most unique benefit lies in the requirement to empty just once every 12 months based on standard usage and temperature conditions; providing a significant cost saving to sites in the general maintenance of their toilet facilities.

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