Underground Smart Lighting Node - GuardIAN

Underground Smart Lighting from the GuardIAN Node range provides sites with the ability to remotely communicate safe and unsafe areas of an underground mine site, and most importantly, providing a visual alert when evacuation is necessary.

The Smart Light also doubles as a Tracking Node, reporting on the location of all personnel underground. It can be utilised in conjunction with any combination of Gas Nodes and stand-alone Tracking Nodes; providing a complete safety solution for underground mines.

Underground Smart Lighting Node - GuardIAN
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Offers multiple colours and modes
  • Native ethernet device - PoE
  • Battery backup
  • UWB connectivity technology
  • Strings can be powered by a MineARC Refuge Chamber or MineARC Satellite UPS

The GuardIAN Smart Lighting Node aids in personnel navigation during an emergency scenario; marking a clear visual path to the closest MineARC Refuge Chamber by changing colour to indicate safe or dangerous routes based on gas levels detected in the area.

GuardIAN Smart Lighting should be installed  directly from the refuge chamber and along both sides of the tunnel wall. The bright LED lights will clearly illuminate the decline green when the route to the refuge chamber is safe; providing personnel with clear navigational assistance and alleviating any doubt around which direction to travel. In contrast, GuardIAN Smart Lighting will change to red if the route to a particular refuge chamber is unsafe; allowing personnel to change direction and navigate to another point of safe refuge.

GuardIAN Smart Lighting helps to manage the day-to-day demarcation of safe and unsafe areas of the mine. With each module capable of multiple colours and modes, the system can provide a variety of alert functions.

As an example, 'amber flashing' lights may indicate a dedicated travel way, whilst site-wide 'red flashing' can be used to alert personnel to a high priority emergency evacuation.

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Discover how GuardIAN Smart Lighting can integrate with the wider GuardIAN Intelligence Network to provide real-time visual alerts.

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