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Biora Method Seven Eyewear - Colour Balancing Eye Protection for Grow Rooms

Grow rooms generate significant amounts of light that is ideal for plant cultivation - however not for the human eye, which requires broad spectrum light to focus, recognise shapes, notice movement, and see colour.

With Biora Method Seven Glasses, protect the eye from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays, as well as infrared heat; all while correcting colour imbalances and restoring natural vision.

LED Eyewear Range

The world’s first glasses formulated to balance and compensate for the unique spectrum of LED grow lights, whilst providing exceptional colour and clarity.

HPS Eyewear Range

Delivers ‘perfect colour’ for the ultimate experience when working for extended periods in the intense yellow spectrum and harsh conditions of HPS lighting.

Camera Lens Filters

Capture ‘perfect colour’ photos from within any grow room with HPS and LED lens filters. Compatible with any camera with a Cokin ‘P’ filter holder.