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A Culture of Ideas

We strive to deliver safety beyond the status quo.

Fostering a culture of innovation; we encourage the proposal of ideas to create more effective processes, products, and existing services. Our Innovation Committee works alongside internal and third-party personnel to design, build and implement dynamic safety solutions.

Delivering versatile solutions is a crucial aspect of our core mission. As drivers for change, we pride ourselves of being at the forefront of technology, safety, and product development.

Collaboration Opportunities

At MineARC, we believe in the collaboration of ideas and resources to ensure the safety of all personnel.

We are open to new concepts, with a willingness to work with individuals and companies to transform great ideas into viable solutions which add value to clients. As global leaders in safe refuge technology, partnering with MineARC will provide you with undeniable support and reach across multiple sectors.

The Innovation Committee aims to work with viable partners to overcome common commercialisation obstacles and accelerate their launch into the market place.

Close the gap in your commercialisation planning by partnering with MineARC.

Strategic and Technical Focus

MineARC is focused on supporting the development of products and services which align with the company’s brand and values. When considering a project, the Innovation Committee review its parallelism to the MineARC ethos, based on the following criteria.


Benefits of working alongside MineARC’s Innovation Committee

MineARC’s Innovation Committee provides the necessary commercialisation support for the technical innovations being developed in the areas of safety, communications, and emergency response within the mining and resources sector.

The advantages of collaborating with our innovation team include:

  • Access to technical and industry experts as well as business support. Engineers, business development professionals and marketing work hand-in-hand with you to provide personalised assistance and advice.
  • An engaged, multidisciplinary committee to help determine market viability.
  • Support of a global, multi-industry company

If you have a product, service or idea, you'd like to share - contact us.

innovation-graph-cost vs revenue
Predictive Benefits of Collaboration. Source: Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI)

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About Us

MineARC Systems is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of emergency refuge chambers, controlled environments and safety technology.


Global expertise shared across a network of manufacturing sites, offices and distributors throughout Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Our staff are core to our company. This is reflected in the way we conduct business and our internal culture; through building engagement, a sense of pride and confidence.